RM Auctions | 2005-08-19 | The Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction | Venue : Portola Hotel & Spa, Monterey, California
Lot No. : 103
Year : 1936
Engine Size : -
Transmission : -
Chassis No. : 862
US$ 13,200


Single-cylinder Maytag Multi-motor engine, rear-wheel drive, top speed 8 1/2 miles per hour and weight of 195 pounds. Overall length: 83
The Maytag Company was founded in Newton, Iowa in 1893 to build farm implements. As farming is a seasonal occupation (sales were very slow) for Maytag during the winter months. Creating time saving implements for the farmers in the fields made Maytag start to think about possible time saving implements for the women back at home. Until Maytag’s first mass-produced washing machine, washing clothing was a day long activity.
Maytag’s first washer was a wooden hand cranked model called the Pastime. Created in 1907, it could be operated indoors and saved women from the backbreaking washboard. To homemaker’s delight Maytag continued to develop time saving appliances and created the
legendary Maytag Multi-Motor washing machine.
Fred Maytag, grandson of the company’s founder started the midget-car craze in 1930 as a teenager when he built the first Maytag Multi-motor midget race car. Realizing the advertising potential of the buzz surrounding Midget racers, Maytag distributors started
making their own homemade Maytag powered racers. In 1931 a Movietone News short attracted national attention when it featured some 50 Maytag powered racers zipping around Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park.
In 1933 the Maytag Company started producing their own official midget racers for promotional purposes - they called it the Maytag Toy Racer. Built to much higher quality than most home made midget cars, a total of 498 were produced with every one made identical. The body was painted white, decorated in red and featured cast aluminum artillery type wheels. It was V-belt driven with an adjustable motor mounting. The ultra-reliable Maytag Multi-motor washer engine, set behind the driver and powering the rear wheels. This Maytag Toy Racer is one of only 36 known still in existence and has been meticulously restored with exacting standards to better than new condition.

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