Russo and Steele | 2012-01-18 | Scottsdale 2012 | Venue : Arizona
Lot No. : SN840
Year : 1969
Engine Size : -
Transmission : -
Chassis No. : 124379N519976
US$ 24,475
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Sold


This is an early Norwood built, NUMBERS MATCHING, 1969 Camaro Z28. It was built in Oct. (2nd week) 1968, which was just the 2nd month of production for the 1969 model year. Being this early built it does precede the X coding done at the Norwwod plant, and is of the small cowl tag natured cars. Also being an early built car other features such as the ZL1 cowl induction hood, was NOT available yet, and wouldn’t be until Dec. 68/Jan. 69. So its a flat hooded car as most REAL Z28's were.(not many people know this). Its a factory Hugger Orange, with Black rally stripes car, with a black vinyl top!! STUNNING color combo and one inherent to Z28's. Its also a factory DELUXE HOUNDTOOTH INTERIOR car, with white/black Houndstooth upholstery, and wood grain dash and steering wheel. Its also a factory console WITH console gauges car (and once again being an early this was NOT standard on all Z28's yet. Also has the correct 6500 rpm redline tach dash, AND has a rare factory clock center dash as well. This car is also a factory VERY RARE, REAR ANTENNA car as well!! It’s also a factory Muncie M20 wide ratio 4 speed car, with correct Numbers matching partial VIN#'s. It’s got a correct 12 bolt rear end, however it is not dated correctly to this car, as its a May of 69 dated rear end but IS the correct 12 bolt rear end for a 69 Z28 and came out of either a Z28, or big block 69 Camaro, or an SS Camaro.
It’s got 4:56 gear ratio, and a factory Aaton Posi unit. Car has the original quarter panels for sure, and i believe the fenders and hood and all the rest of the sheet metal are original as well, but of course without sanding down into the paint to verify the color matches the rest of the car one cannot say for sure. Doors open and shut like new!! Rally wheels and tires were changed by original owner in the early 70's to get the drag look for that period and still maintain the mach 50/mach 60 bias ply tires which are in like new condition still and ARE NOT cracked! Everything else about the car is id say about 95% original. Engine was professionally rebuilt and has approx. 320 miles on it, and was all standard/standard when pulled apart. Is about 90-95% correct/original except distributor is a 499 rather than a 480, and the carb is a correct Gm part#3923289, Holley 4053 carb with DZ stamped on it, but its just not the correct date for this car. Air cleaner was bought new (didn’t have one), and no stock exhaust manifolds. It had these what look like correct dealer option 69 Z28 headers on it, and so they were bead blasted and re used. Other than this everything else on it is correct and original down to the 418 valve covers. A complete list of parts and cam used will be included, but engine is absolutely correct, with correct EVERYTHING, inside with the exception of cam isn’t an original duntov 30/30, its a got all comp cams cam and valve train and is a modern version of the 1rst gen offroad cam with a much better functional and drive-able lift/duration. And press in head studs were removed and screw in ARP's with guide plates were used.
The ENTIRE engine has ARP fasteners. Main studs, windage tray studs, rod bolts/nuts, oil pumpstud, as well as intake and exhaust manifold bolts. Detailed description will be given on entire engine. transmission was 100% gone threw and basically it only needed gaskets and I had the bearings replaced just because it was apart, but they were CHERRY, as are the synchros!! rearend was also inspected, and oil changed and found to be in excellent cond. Everything works on the car right down to the dome light on the BACK of the console!! Most people don’t even know is there cause they never work! The car has 58K original miles on it, and was purchased from original owners (he passed away) s

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